Quick Advice If You Have Been Involved In A Retail Scam


Some people will do anything to make money even if it involves shady business practices. There have been countless scams targeting consumers over the years. The public needs to be aware of their rights and their options should they become a target of these bad elements. Here are a few pertinent advice about retail scams:

What to Do If You Fell Victim to a Scam

Hold on to all the evidence that you have been a victim of deceptive business practices. The paper trail is particularly important as it will help in the prosecution of the offender if the case reaches the courts. Ask for assistance from the local consumer protection agency. There is one in every state that monitors scams. The staff can help to verify what type of scam was committed and who the likely perpetrators are. For large fraudulent schemes, even the FBI may get involved in the case.

Getting Your Money Back

It can be extremely difficult to get your money back. However, this may be accomplished if you were charged via credit card. Just file a dispute with the bank. The same goes for phone bills and utilities. Dispute the charges with the company. Even online auction sites have implemented anti-fraud measures like customer insurance. Inform them of the fraudulent transaction so that they can bar the offender from the site and provide compensation.

Filing a Complaint

Once you have verified that you were indeed scammed, you have every right to file a complaint. You can file with the Better Business Bureau or any pertinent local government agency. You may also want to go to Fraud.org to seek their assistance. They can forward your complaint to the most appropriate body for immediate action. If you are unsatisfied with the pace of your case, then seek persons in the media to cover your story.

How to Handle Unwanted Deliveries

There are a lot of scams wherein people receive deliveries for items they didn’t buy. They may later on find that they have been charged for these without their consent. Dispute the charges and ask for proof of order. Offer to return the items. Be careful not to sign up for memberships and free trials if they aren’t necessary.

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