The Basics Of Wrongful Termination Claims


Have you been recently laid off? Did you know you could receive compensation if your feel you were wrongfully fired? Here are the basics for wrongful termination claims you didn’t know about.

What Constitute Wrongful Termination Claims?

You are liable for a claim if the manner of your firing violate any anti-discriminatory laws of the state. You can also be compensated if you were laid off through a sexually harassing ploy, if the employer went against contract agreements or when the employer violates labor laws inclusive of the collective bargaining laws. Lastly, you are liable to be compensated if you were laid off because of laying a complaint against your employer.

Post-firing Tips That Help

Even after being laid off, never act out of anger and say or act negatively towards your employee. Find a suitable lawyer experienced in employee rights and seek their advice on the matter; they can also be your representative. Enquire from your employee the real reasons behind your termination and if possible the specific person who made the decision to lay you off.

Additionally, enquire for your personal employee file and try negotiating a severance package with your employer. If they agree on the severance package, make sure they put it in writing. Then take back any company property in your procession before fully engaging the lawyer to act on your behalf. In all dealings, do not allow yourself to be intimidated by the lawyer.

Tips for a Negotiation

Once you have the lawyer on your side, it’s time to discuss the procedure for your severance package. Ensure you remain calm during the entire negotiation process after termination. With your lawyer, think over the offer your employer offers and see if it truly benefits you; never just automatically access an offer you haven’t brainstormed with a legal expert. It will also be a plus if you convince your employer to keep you on medical coverage, as you receive your severance pay, at least until your next job.

By negotiating your wrongful termination claims, you can get a good severance package out of it. This works better compared to planning malicious moves against the employer and the company.  If you haven’t been temporarily terminated, an employee rights lawyer can help negotiate re-employment for you.

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