What You Should Know About At-Home Paternity Tests


A man may be interested in home paternity tests for many reasons. He may have some doubts about the parentage of his child. He may want to establish a visitation schedule so that he can build a relationship with his child. He may want to have proof of parentage for a government benefit, as well. Home paternity tests are becoming increasingly popular because of their ease of use, cost-effectiveness and convenience. The following contains some information that a person may need to know about the tests:

What Kinds of Home Paternity Tests Can You Buy?

One of the most common home paternity tests is the swab test. The swab test is about $80, and it requires the user to take a sample of saliva from himself and the child. The parent then sends the swab samples to a lab, and the results come in about one to two days. The price of the test includes laboratory fees.

How Do Home Paternity Tests Work?

Paternity tests work by comparing a man’s DNA with a child’s DNA. The swab paternity tests are more than 99 percent accurate. Interested persons can shop for at-home paternity tests online or at physical stores. Pharmacies such as Walmart, Walgreen’s, CVS and the like sell paternity test that people can use.

Can You Use Home Paternity Tests in Court?

Some at-home paternity tests are eligible for use in court. Such tests require a witness to be present during the sampling. The witness must sign a form. Parents can then use paternity tests results in court.

Why Order a Paternity Test?

A paternity test can give a man and a woman peace of mind when it comes to their child. The custodial parent will be eligible for support, and the non-custodial parent will be eligible for visitation under most circumstances. The child will be eligible for compensation if either of the parents passes away, as well.

Knowing the facts on parentage is always the best option. Many trusted medical product providers offer home paternity tests for caring fathers.

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