Common Car Accident Scams And How To Handle Them


Car accidents are common and can be disappointing for an average person. There are various things involved in a car accident that one needs to handle, including the insurance procedures and civil or criminal proceedings, if any. Some car accidents are also done on purpose. These accidents are staged to make money from fraudulent car accident claims. The number of these accidents is on the rise and hence it is important that one is aware of these situations and well prepared to handle them.

Types of Car Accident Scams

The T-Bone Accident

In this situation, a scam driver will hit your vehicle at a point of intersection. The result of the accident will be a T-Bone. Some phony witnesses or shady helpers will blame you for the accident when the police come.

Brake Slam

The driver of the car in front of you will slam the brakes suddenly and as a result you may hit their vehicle from the rear.

Dual Turn Sideswipes

While executing turn, you may slip slightly out of your lane. The scam driver will swipe your car or hit you even on your slightest sideways movement from your lane. Managed witnesses will testify against you so that you will have to bear the consequences.

Swoop and Stop

In this scenario, two cars will make you victim of a fake accident. One will overtake you and stop suddenly in front of you while the other will pull up alongside you so as not to allow you chance to steer aside and find some clear space.

Car accident scams can be financially damaging as well as time consuming for you to handle. You may also fall prey to injuries, should anything go beyond control in a fake car accident.

Avoiding Car Accident Scams

A few things and preparation can be helpful in such accidents. Install a dashboard camera and keep a pen and diary handy to note the information about the accident scene. These scammers target people specifically like old age people and women. These are easy targets for them. New cars and luxury vehicles are also on their list. In case of such an accident, always take notes about the details of the other car and its driver. This information will prove helpful in further investigation of the case.

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