What Should It Cost? Common Air Conditioning Repair Costs


There’s no doubt, air conditioning repair costs can get expensive, especially if your air conditioner is in need of major repairs or replacement parts. Fortunately, a reputable HVAC contractor will be able to offer fast, professional service as well as the very best AC repair charges. There is no way around it, every air conditioner is going to need service from time-to-time, but knowing what types of charges to expect can help you choose a reputable company for all of your HVAC needs.

Some of the most common air conditioning repair costs can definitely vary considerably, especially when you take into account the size of your AC unit, the overhead a contractor in your area typically faces and how much a qualified service technician will need to be paid. However, it is possible to get a fairly accurate price range that will help you gauge whether your repair costs fall within the norm. Of course, it’s extremely important to keep in mind that a deviation from the listed estimates of 10 to 20 percent is usually quite normal.

Another factor that can create a variance in air conditioning repair costs is the type of parts that are used. Some contractors use only authorized manufacturer replacement parts; however, others might choose to use off-brand equivalents. When comparing repair costs, be sure you understand whether you’re getting original manufacturer replacement parts or not.

Here are some common air conditioning repair costs:

• Condensate Drain Line (repair or flush): No charge up to about $250
• Recharge the AC Refrigerant: $160 to $400
• Replace Condensing Unit Coil: $1600 to $2300
• Condensate Pump Replacement: $80 to $250
• Plastic or Metal Drain Pans: $250 to $575
• Repair or Replacement of Copper Lineset (might include refrigerant): $200 to $650
• Condensing Unit Fan Motor (outdoor): $200 to $625
• New Thermostat: $80 to $270

Other important factors when choosing an AC contractor is whether they offer a warranty for their work. How much the total bill will be and how long the repairs will take. Air conditioning repair costs can vary widely, but with a little information and research, you’ll be a better informed consumer.

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