The Difference Between Legal Information And A Legal Consultation


At some point in time, many of us will need a legal consultation. If you purchase a house; you may need to consult a real estate attorney. If you are in a car accident; you will need the advice of an attorney who practices criminal law. When a situation impacts your life, you may need a legal consultation.

It is now always easy to distinguish between legal advice and legal information. As a general rule, only a licensed attorney or lawyer may provide legal advice. Anyone can provide legal information. It is illegal for a non-licensed attorney to provide legal advice in a court of law.

An oral or written consultation about legal issues that directly affects the rights and responsibilities of the person receiving the advice, is considered legal advice.  Legal advice is the process of giving a legal opinion, regarding legal procedure in relation to a given fact or situation. Financial compensation is usually provided for the legal advice. Legal advice without any financial compensation is referred to as a pro bono consultation. There is a big difference between legal information and legal advice. For example; reading a sign that states the speed limit is 65 miles per hour is illegal information. In this case an individual is simply repeating a legal fact. Using current laws to determine if an individual is guilty of a crime; is considered legal advice, or a legal consultation. A legal consultation, is the process a licensed attorney uses to assist a client; by applying the laws to a particular incidence or situation.

A legal consultation is typically a meeting between an individual client and an attorney. During the meeting, the client tells the attorney the facts and details of their case. The attorney them gives the client their interpretation of the legal implications of the case. The attorney may also provide several possible legal outcomes to the case.  During the consultation the attorney will also let the client know the typical costs involved with the case. The attorney client relationship is formed, when the individual and the attorney decide to proceed with the case.

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