Can You Sue For Death Or Injury Of Your Pets?


There are many people out there that are animal lovers and want to know if they sue for death or injury to their pets. If your pet in injured or dies, you can get monetary compensation. However, this can only happen if you file a criminal charge for cruelty to animals and the perpetrator is caught and convicted. The court may then decide to grant compensation for economic loss a part of the punishment. You may also receive compensation if you file a civil lawsuit. This should be done with the help of a lawyer. You may also file a lawsuit in small claims court. These courts are designed to be user friendly and less complicated, so you can file a lawsuit without a lawyer.

Can You Sue For Death or Injury of Your Pets

One of the things you should bare in mind is that even if you win, you should not expect much money as the courts usually limit the payout to the cost of replacing or getting another pet. Most lawyers are not keen on taking on these cases for this reason. So because of the low payout, you may end up spending more on lawyers fees than you are able to recover from the case, if you decide to hire a lawyer.

If you can prove that the actions of the guilty party were malicious and intentional, you can sue for punitive damages. In many states, companion animals are recognized as having sentimental value and they understand that these animals cannot simply be replaced. This is why the court may also grant compensation for emotional distress. If you can prove that the death of your pet was intentional, then you have a criminal case to file. However, if it was merely an accident, you need to file a civil lawsuit or take your case to small claims court. In most cases it is best to simply represent yourself in small claims court as the compensation you are likely to receive is not huge and you want to avoid unnecessary and costly lawyers fees.

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